Thursday, September 1, 2011

Historical Documentary: 10 Years Before Merdeka (Independence) of Malaya

I had watched the full video at Vimeo,, sometime back but was unable to share it here.  I searched at Youtube and found the following 4 parts, which makes up the whole documentary.  (I could not use the ones directly from Fahmi Reza because the 2nd part has been blocked or something like that....) Interesting facts to be made known to all.... especially the young Malaysians (like myself... hehehehe...) or those who were too young to have known/remembered.....

Fahmi Reza and his team have certainly done a wonderful job here.

This historical documentary, directed by Fahmi Reza, is about the struggle for independence, in which different races across Malaya unite and engage in political action - Hartal across Malaya on the 20th October 1947. This documentary aims to remember and acknowledge the contributions of the left wing political parties in the quest for our country's independence.

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  1. Alice thank you for these video recommendations. They contain important information about the History of Malaya that's been kept hidden from Malaysians. It looks like the History of Malayan independence and the subsequent formation of Malaysia has to be rewritten.

    Anil Sodhy